The Purge

But they shouted back, "No! Not this man. We want Barabbas!" John 18:40

The Purge is an idea borrowed from the ancient Romans. Think of the Colosseum, this is a match for the people. Only the strong will survive as we purge the weakness from our ranks. Each week ADONBILIVIT will vote for two clan members to fight to the death. The two players who have the most amount of total nominations will face off against each other. This will be a best of 3 tournament in which the loser will be banished from the clan for the week.

results will be posted here once all votes are in


Purge Confirmed: BigBoyPants vs Begs

You have 24 hours to schedule your match or both of you will be purged.


The Purge Rules

All votes are final. Anyone who refuses to engage with the conditions of The Purge will be booted.

Best of 3 single elimination format.

If there is a draw it will not count as a win and will be replayed.

There will be no allowance for disconnections, consistent connection is your responsibility. 

All Purge challenges must be observed by at least one Leader or Co-Leader.

Voting will reset for the week once a purge has been completed.

Upon the close of voting, nominated players will have 24 hours to complete their best of 3 tournament otherwise any non-compliant members will be purged.

If you are purged from ADONBILIVIT you may rejoin after 7 days as a member aka pleb.

The Leader has immunity from the purge.

Pro tip: connect to a strong Wi-Fi network & put your phone on airplane mode or alternatively play from an iPad.