The Coup

"Praise him with loud clashing cymbals!" Psalm 150:5

We believe that Leadership is earned and not given. If an Elder or a Co-Leader feel like they would make a better leader they have the right to challenge their superior to a best of 3 tournament. If successful they will strip the loser of their title in the most shameful of ways. However, if they are not successful they will be demoted for ever thinking they were good enough to lead us.


The Coup Tournament Rules

Challenges must be issued publicly on the clan chat.

Only Co-Leaders can challenge a Leader. 

Only Elders can challenge a Co-Leader.

All clan member can only challenge once per week but can be challenged an unlimited amount of times.

If a Co-Leader challenges a Leader and loses, they will be demoted to Elder & the 2 Elders with the highest trophy count will play a best of 3 to determine who earns the newly vacated Co-Leader position.

If an Elder challenges a Co-Leader and loses, they will be demoted to Member and if they choose to challenge again in the future will have to challenge a different Co-Leader. 

Once a challenge has been issued, the defender has 24 hours to respond. Failure to do so will result in the promotion being given to the challenger by default.

If there is a draw it will count as a will for the defending Leader or Co-Leader.

There will be no allowance for disconnections, consistent connection is your responsibility. 

All Leadership challenges must be observed by at least one Leader or Co-Leader.

Pro tip: connect to a strong Wi-Fi network & put your phone on airplane mode or alternatively play from an iPad.