Here at Influencers Youth, we strive to create a fun, safe and inviting environment for our young people. This week, we are having a new event called Smash Fest that we hope will give your kids a memorable experience that will last a lifetime!

Smash Fest is an event we had at our Australian campuses. They saw an incredible amount of young people attend the event, and we want to do the same here in Atlanta! We have 30 items to "smash" (e.g. tv's, car doors, etc.) and 10 items that will be used to smash them. Every participant will get one item to smash. They will have one minute to smash that item. Every participant will have protective gear (protective goggles and helmet) during this event. The message this week will be on “Brokenness". Please read and fill out the consent form below for your child to participate. 

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in Influencers Youth's Smash Fest event on Wednesday March 7, 2018. I understand that Influencers Youth will not be responsible for any injuries or damage caused to my child and/or their personal property.

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