I will try to keep this section as simple as possible. If you want to read more about the ways to use these cards, please take a look at here!

Royal Giant: While using this deck, I usually save him for either the x2 Elixir time or the second Tower (once the first one is down). If your opponent plays defensive buildings and your Hog + supports just can’t get the 1 crown, you will also want to use him. Once the first Tower is down, you can just place him at the middle of your opponent’s side and get the 2nd crown.

Hog Rider is one of the 2 main damage dealers of this deck. You will one to use him with Goblins and Zap most of the time. When coupled with Valkyrie, he will be protected extremely well and you should do that after a success defend.

Valkyrie: You will want to use her on defense most of the time and launch a counter push right after that, when you have an Elixir advantage. She works extremely well against Barbarians, Wizards, Musketeers, Witches, Princesses, Goblins, swarms,… You can somehow replace her with Wizard or Baby Dragon if you find it hard to deal with air troops.

Barbarians: I usually use them to defend but sometimes they are great on offense too If you can use your Hog to push them. They can help you kill a Hog before it hits your Tower, take down Royal Giant and other tanks quickly.

Goblins are great for both offense and defense. You can use them to defend against Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Wizard, Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Giant and loads of other pushes. On offense, couple them with Hog Rider and you can help your Hog bypass buildings. When get ignored, they can deal tons of damage to the opponent’s Tower. Due to their very fast movement speed, If you are in a Elixir advantage, play them with your Hog as quickly as possible and always have your Zap ready to protect them!Zap: Zap is very important for almost every Hog No-Freeze Deck. It can help you kill the distractions immediately. The 1s stun given is also extremely useful as it helps your Hog hit the Tower 1 more time If you can do the timing well. Hands down this is one of the most useful cards in game. You can use it to reset Sparky’s charge, reset Royal Giant, X-Bow, Mortar, Inferno Tower,… target.Minions is just great. They help you tear apart troops pretty quickly. Most players don’t want to Arrows or Fireball them because they are just… 3. Fireball is usually used to take down Barbarians and 3 Musketeers in this deck. Sometimes, you will want to use it to deal with Minion Horde, other swarms and weakened Towers. Fireball is just EXTREMELY useful. Please take a look at this in-depth guidefor more details guys!

General Gameplan

On offense, I usually try to take down the first Crown Tower with Goblin and Hog. If the opponent plays defensive buildings, you want to play defensively and launch the counter attack with your Royal Giant. If your opponent has Inferno Tower, you will always want to protect your Royal Giant with Goblins and Minions. I usually want to get the second crown to secure the win of this deck but If you think you can defend well, just do it! Once the first Tower is destroyed, place your Royal Giant in the middle of your opponent’s side and aim at the second Tower!

On defense, I usually use Valkyrie to soak damage and use Barbarians to kill tanky troops. Our Goblins and Minions can kill Hog Rider pretty fast. If your opponent plays Wizard, drop your Valkyrie on top of it. If your opponent plays Sparky, reset its charge with Zap and surround it with Barbarians.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Easy to take down Towers.
  • Strong defensive power.
  • Works very well against spawner decks.
  • Strong counter pushes.


  • Weak against air pushes. If you face a Balloon, you should Fireball it then use your Minions. This deck is very weak against Lava Hound and I strongly recommend you push for the 3rd crown If you face any Lava Hound.
  • Weak against spawner decks in the 2x Elixir time so you will want to try take down 1 Tower as soon as possible.

If you have Legendary cards

  • Replace Minions with Ice Wizard.
  • Replace Hog Rider with Princess If you want to use the Royal Giant most of the time. She is a great support you need to make the most of your Royal Giant!