Roster Update - How To

So the Kid's Kiosk lets volunteers check in kids for services every Sunday, or other events, which is awesome. But how does this the list of children get updated when new children come to Influencers, or someone wants to update their information?

Well, here are a few steps to get you an updated roster and some helpful tips that will hopefully help guide you along the way.

Step 1 - Run the Kids Report.

Log into

Then head over to the Reports section.


In there you will want to run the report named "Kids Roster".

That will add it to the report queue. When it's completed, you will want to download it.


Step 2 - Upload the report to the INF API

Head over to

Upload the file you just downloaded

You'll want to hit the Browse button, and then a window will pop up and you can select the file you just finished downloading.

Once you do that, hit the ok button, and then the file will be added to the roster update page.

When the file shows up, you then hit the Upload button below it, and the INF API will begin processing the file. When the process is finished, the Upload button will turn green, meaning the roster was successfully updated.