Process Team


The Pastor 

The local Pastor gathers leaders who are capable and trustworthy to be trained to train in their role. While the Pastor’s role is to lead the campus, a main focus of his / hers is also to lead all of these leaders.


The Leader 

The leader’s role is to directly lead & disciple the 12 region leaders and ensure that the people are being led well and that all of the age demographics are healthy within the campus. They also oversee the heartbeat system of care for the Church.


The Gatherer

The gatherer is the leader of the evangelists in the campus, the chief bringer. Their heart & role is to gather as many people to God’s house as possible. They lead the word of mouth & bringing campaigns Church wide.


The Provider (Hub & Campus)

The provider leads all of the people who’s gift is generosity & resourcing the building of God’s house. They lead by example in their giving but also disciple those called to do likewise.


The Musician

The musician is responsible for the gathering and discipleship of all musicians that make up the band. This person is a good musician themselves, while also being a good communicator and organized. 


The Worshiper

The worshiper leads & disciples all the vocalists and worship leaders in the campus. They understand how to lead people into worship as well as being a great singer.


The Assimilator

The assimilator is driven by connecting those who are new to the Church into the Dream Team & Connect Groups. They are the champion for growth track & first impressions.


The Host

The host leads the team that treats the house of God like their own home. They will do whatever it takes to architect a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment every Sunday. They oversee all hosting & the connect lounge.


The Keeper

The keeper builds a team that together oversee the Connect Groups of the Church. This team works hard to keep people connected to God & to each other. 


The Marketer

The marketer leads a team of people who are passionate about representing Jesus & the house of God. From social media to radio to print media to video, this leader is focussed on getting people into Church.


The Designer

The designer works closely with the marketer and disciples a team of designers who present Jesus in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way. 


The Accountant

The accountant leads a team of door keepers to the finances of the campus. They are responsible stewards of finance and are enablers of kingdom work.


The Replicator (Campus & Extension only)

The replicator is focussed on implementing the proven systems and processes of Influencers Church locally. They are a systems genius and can successfully apply these systems to help build the campus in an ordered & intentional manner.


The Innovator (Hub only)

The innovator leads a team of people with a specialized set of skills specifically in the area of systems, process and technology. This team is responsible for innovating new systems and better versions of current ones to help build the modern Church.


The Organized 

The organized gathers people to administrate the campus. From database management to vital signs & reports to meeting notes & agendas, they are passionate about an organized Church.


The Investor (Hub & Campus)

The investor works closely with the provider but his / her team focusses more on making a return from the capital that the provider brings in. Their investment portfolio can include everything from land to buildings to other miscellaneous ventures.


The Producer

The producer leads a team who are passionate about producing excellent services and have experience in lighting, audio and video.


The Architect

The architect gathers a team of leaders passionate about architecting the encounters of others. They set up everything needed for a Sunday service to be a win.  



People Team



Infants - 11 years

Kids Leader

Kids Leader 



12 years - 18 years

Youth Leader

Youth Leader


Young Adults

19 years - 27 years

Young Adults Pastor

Young Adults Pastor


Young Families

28 years - 36 years

Young Families Pastor

Young Families Pastor



37 years +

Adults Pastor

Adults Pastor

Adults Pastor

Adults Pastor