We believe God wants our Atlanta Hub to be like a city on a hill, a lighthouse to the lost, a hospital to the hurting and training center for the great leaders of tomorrow in Atlanta, USA and the world! Our heart is not buildings; it’s people and by positioning ourselves right off I-85 in Duluth we will have the ability to influence thousands of people that reside, work, study and drive around the ever-growing area of Duluth.

What is a pledge?

A 'pledge' is a commitment to Phase 1 of our new building plan, to pay for the construction and laying the foundation of our new building. 

When do I fulfill my pledge?

All final payments are due by June 30th, 2016. 

How do I fulfill my pledge?

There are a few simple ways to make payments toward the build out of our new home. Please see instructions below. 


1. Online

- Go to this link: www.influencers.church/atlanta


2. Text giving

- Text to 404-996-0013 the number of the amount you would like to give along with "Building Fund"



3. Envelope in service

- Write your Lot ID number under the "building fund" option on the giving envelope

- Write the amount you would like to give 

- Fill out additional information 

- Give to a host in service