Influencers Partnership


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Acceptance of Christ as our Lord and Saviour is essential to become a member of the body of Christ. We demonstrate our commitment by obeying God’s Word, yielding to the Holy Spirit, and by being conformed to the image of Christ. *
I have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ
By sharing a vision, a set of values and a culture, we work together in unity to become stronger as a church. We embrace the leaders of the church, and accept their spiritual authority for our equipping, guidance, and blessing. We endorse their leadership and respect the way the church is governed. *
I embrace the vision and leadership of the church
God gave us the gift of our time. He designed it for our pleasure and for His purposes. To be a member at Influencers will require some our time. We honor God by attending church and connect groups faithfully, by praying for the church and its members, and eventually serving in the house. Our time is our life. When we give time we are giving the gift of our life for the cause of Christ. *
I am willing to give of my time to support the church
We have been blessed with spiritual gifts and talents that we need to volunteer for the good of the house and for the glory of God. Every Influencers member is encouraged to discover, use and develop their talents for the growth of the body. In partnership with the church, we agree to develop a servant’s heart and volunteer in a suitable ministry role. *
I commit to developing my gifts and serving the church
By giving our treasure through regular tithes and offerings, we partner for the cause of Christ. The early church grew through the power of the Holy Spirit and generous giving. Money enables the church to advance, not just maintain. Money puts up buildings, feeds the hungry, provides facilities and training and serves as a powerful weapon in the fight against the enemy. No church can grow and thrive without financial partnership. *
I will donate to the mission of the church through my tithes and offerings