Before we can set foot into next year, we need to reflect on how we have gone this year.


·               REMAIN

Be still and hear from God. Be thankful for all he has done. Be expectant because God is about to speak.


 ·               RETRACE

God has brought you forward this year. You may not be at your goal but you're not where you were. Gratitude for yesterday. Grace for today. Faith for tomorrow. Here you need to:

  • reflect - how has god been good to you? declare it. Speak it out. write it down.

  • review - did i achieve my goals? did i take steps forward? what areas do i want to improve in?

It's here you have settled this year. Now to look ahead.


 ·               REFOCUS

Time to set your eyes on the END GOAL again (not your list of jobs). Why am I doing this? Why did He call me? What brings me joy?


 ·               REJOYVENATE

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice. Give thanks! Find your joy again. Declare His goodness. CHOOSE to have joy!


 ·               REVISION

This doesn't mean find new vision, re-clarify the vision God has give you for your life, reflect on where you're at on the journey of your vision; review the vision from your new position.

Dream dreams, think big. Process matters, but vision comes first. The LIGHT to my path (my next destination) and the LAMP to my feet (my next steps) - where am I, where am I going, what are my next steps to get there.


And finally remember - this seeks conviction (of who i am, where i was and where i'm going) but never condemnation.

Assess, give thanks, look again and move forward.