Kids Kiosk App - How To

So there's this new iPad app that the kids volunteers are using to check in kids for service, and it looks like it's your turn to take it for a test drive! But how does this thing work and what should you know about using it?

Well, here are a few steps to get you set up and some helpful tips that will hopefully help guide you along the way.

Step 1 - Getting Everything Plugged In

So right now there are two stations: one for Nursery and the other for 3-5 and 6+ kids.

The absolute first thing to do is plug everything in. The printer with the pink label on it belongs by the nursery, the other one belongs at the main desk.

Step 2 - Connecting through the Ethers

Everything is powered up now, but before we can get to the app itself we still have to get the printers connected to the network, and we have to get the Kids app connected to the network as well.

Connecting the Printers

You will have to press a button on the router and a button on the printer to get the printer connected to the network. You will know the printer is connected when you see a green light on the printer stay on right below where it says "Wi-Fi"


connecting the ipads

Ok so now that the printers are connected, you'll need to connect the iPads to the network too. This is done the same way as you would for any network. Just go into the settings of the iPad, and join a network named INF.KIDS

If for whatever reason the password isn't already saved for the network, the code to join the network is 11223344

Step 3 - Set up the Printer

Before you can start checking kids in, you need to make sure you have the printer picked in the settings. Now, the printer should be close by you with a label on it. You'll need to see that label so you know which printer to connect to. Right now Influencers has two printers, but as we add more, we'll make sure all of them have labels so each iPad will be able to choose the right printer.

Also one other thing to note here, there's a "Refresh Roster" button at the top of the settings page, you do not need to push that button. We use that before service to refresh all the iPads before Sunday, but without internet (which we don't have on Sunday) that button is pretty useless.


Tip 1 - Searching for a Kid we already have

Searching for a kid is just like searching for a contact on your iphone. Just tap on the search bar and start typing in any part of their name. You can look them up by their first name, or their last name, or just part of their name, whatever is easier for you. Once you find them on the list, just tap on their name.


Tip 2 - Checking a Kid in

Ok so you have found the kid you are looking for, now to check them in. Once you tap on a kids name you will be brought to the check in screen. From there you want to answer all the questions presented to you, and once you have finished doing that, tap the Check In button at the top right.

Sometimes I tap on the wrong kid when I'm checking someone in (I'm clumsy give me a break), but whenever I do that I can easily get back to the search screen I was on just by hitting the Kid Kiosk button at the top left (it has the back arrow on the side of it)

Once you hit the Check In button, the printer will print out a set of tags for you. If you answered "No" about having a parent label, then it will print out an extra tag for the parent, and if the kid is a nursery kid and you answered "Yes" to having a diaper bag, then you'll get an extra tag for the diaper bag as well.


Tip 3 - Adding a Kid that is visiting

Ok so adding a kid that is visiting us or maybe a kid that we just haven't put into our system yet is pretty much just like searching for a kid we already have, with a couple of differences. You start off differently by hitting the plus sign up at the top right of the app, and you will have to put in their first name and last name, but other than that everything else is basically the same.