Verse 1

Closing In

Home on the horizon

There’s no sense in fighting

Calling me

Open arms were waiting

While my heart was hiding

Caving In

Every wall I built up

Falls away in Your arms

Shame and fear

Traded in an instant

For Your love unchanging

Verse 2

Wearing thin

Every lie I trusted

Broke apart the moment

That I let You in

Now I don’t spend a second

Distant from Your presence

Sinking in

Truth that I was seeking

Hope for life unending

Deep within

I know that my life is

Safe within Your promise


Here with You

In surrender

I’m made brand new

I’m made more like You

I’ll walk in Your plans for me

And I won’t take one step without You


You loved me first

Gave me more than I could ever earn

You called my name

And now I’m welcomed home