Imaginations Album Recording

September 25th - October 6th

Los Angeles, CA







Sun, Sep 25 

American Airlines 7312

Adelaide (ADL)

6:00 AM

  SYD   SFO  

Los Angeles (LAX)

1:11 PM

17h 01m duration



Wed, Oct 5

American Airlines 7416

Los Angeles (LAX)

11:35 PM


Adelaide (ADL)

1:30 PM

16h 45m duration




Sun, Sep 25 

American Airlines 1249

Atlanta (ATL)

6:30 PM


Los Angeles (LAX)

8:20 PM

4h 50m duration



Thu, Oct 6 

Spirit Airlines 403

Los Angeles (LAX)

12:09 PM


Atlanta (ATL)

7:35 PM

4h 26m duration


Our House

2773 Pelham Place Los Angeles, CA, 90068

Description: Home situated in the Hollywood Hills, Sleeps 12 & is in relatively close proximity to the studio we will be recording in. (It is very difficult to find good accommodation in this part of LA)


These will be shared rides to and from the airport to the house & back and forth from the studio daily. 


We are asking that the food be a shared cost between each person on the trip. There will be some groceries purchased to stock the house at the beginning but due of the nature of our recording schedule a majority of our meals will be outside the house. Please account for this cost in your preparation.