Social Media & Photography

Because of the incredible growth our church is experiencing, we are naturally presented with challenges within our visual identity. Our influence is being seen and felt like never before, so now is the time to bring everything together and develop a unified set of visuals and consistent presence across social media.



It's often said that consistent branding breeds loyalty and considering we're in the business of communicating the most important story ever told, our identity is worth protecting!

We have a unique audience base consisting of internal church attenders and external potential visitors; there's no better time than the present to discover the rules and guidelines to do with our brand as Influencers.



Ever paused over an Instagram caption and wondered how to cram in all the info needed without it reading like the world’s most boring advertisement?

Or scrolled through your social media feed and felt like screaming - loudly, and at the universe in general  - ‘Can somebody please post a different photo?’

We’ve all been there, hence the need for these guidelines that will help us communicate more clearly and at a more consistently high standard. It will help to clarify who should communicate what, when and how often.



Pictures can tell a thousand words and here at Influencers thanks to social media and the internet they are often the first impression visitors receive of our church.

Learn how to shoot images that tell a story, that attract new visitors and show a glimpse of what Jesus is doing on a weekly basis at Influencers.